I cannot deny that I am sensitive&sentimental.

I just try my best to depress it,but you know,it’s pretty hard.

Just like fighting destiny.

But anyway,I may try and spare no effort.

Keep your heart into the darkness,but not rot.

Keep life pure,keep soul clear.

I cannot write poem,I just want to record my contributing for life.

My travel following sun,ended long time ago.

It do broad my eyesight,show me many things I have never thought before.

I know nothing about religion before,Islam,Christ,and so forth.

I have no ideas about Moslems before,cause I thought it’s far away from me.

But,who knows, I experiencing right now.

Learn more,recognize more,rebuild my worldview.

About the politics in my country,I’am so disappointed,I have never know there were so many bad things in our politics,I am almost despaired :-( .

About the history in this ancient country,thousands of year history,famous of Cyrus&Darius.

We are familiar with each other.

We do have the same proud history.

But right now,situations maybe are not very optimistic.

Should religion rule the world?

We all do not know.

But fact tells us,maybe there should exist some other ways to another world.

There should be.

I hope it will change.